MapleStory GMS – Zakum Quest Guide (Levels 1-3)




Zakum Quest is a 3-part course that tests your abilities. The first one tests you patience and you knowledge of the map. The second one tests you of your jumping skills and how calm you are. The third one is of monster hunting, quite challenging if you are not high level enough.

This GUIDE is to teach you how to do the Zakum Quest. It is recommended you read this FIRST before Level 1, as there is a 30 minute time limit. Let’s begin!


  1. Preparations for the Journey & Quest
  2. Quest Level 1
  3. Quest Level 2
  4. Quest Level 3
  5. Zakum Dungeon
  6. Zakum Loot & Estimated Experience

Preparations for the Journey & Quest:

It is recommended you bring AT LEAST 100 power elixirs for the journey to the Zakum Door because of the Werewolves and Yeti+Pepes. Unless you have Dark Sight, or is LVL 150, you do not need to bring potions along.

Depending on how good you are with the Jump Course (Level 2), you may need some Antidotes. I usually bring around 70. These will cure you of the poison-causing “rocks” that blow at you. You will want to avoid these as they can hit you off the platform, in any case, you will need to start again.

You will also need potions, depending whether you are good at jumping or not, for if you fall into the Lava, you will take 200 DMG a second. So take those Reindeer Milk and Unagis!

Notice: Upto 5 parties can enter Zakum at a time.

Quest Level 1:

To begin Quest Level 1, talk to your 3rd Job Advancement leader, depending on which class you are, it will differ. For Legends and Novas, talk to Adobis first, then return to a 3rd Job Advancer.

After you are allowed to go to Zakum Quest, talk to Adobis again. He will allow you to go in Level 1. In Level 1, you must break certain Rocks and Chests using the ATTACK KEY to obtain a “Key”. You must drop 7 Keys at the Master Chest, located at Mine 16-5.

NOTE: Mine 16-1 through 16-6 is accessible through Mine 10-2.

While you are finding the keys, try to collect some Old Paper, which gives you extra EXP when you are finished.

It is difficult finding the right rocks and chests, mainly because there are over 15 different Mine tunnels to look through. So, I’m going to just give you the list to look at for yourselves. The Fire Ore, needed to finish the quest, requires the 7 keys to be dropped below the Key Hole and you’ll get the Fire Ore. Return to the NPC to complete.


  • [KEY] Mine 4-2: rock
  • [KEY] Mine 9-2: chest
  • [KEY] Mine 11-1: chest
  • [KEY] Mine 14-1: chest
  • [KEY] Mine 16-2: chest
  • [KEY] Mine 16-3: chest
  • [KEY] Mine 16-5: rock
  • [FIRE ORE] Mine 16-5: master chest

Congratulations! You have passed Level 1!

Quest Level 2:

Talk to Adobis to enter this level after completing the first Level.

This stage is mainly about jumping and timing. This stage, you will need the antidotes and potions. You do not get any Speed or Jump boosts, as your Speed and Jump are fixed at 100%.

To leave the area, you must go through the portal, or die.

There is a 10 minute requirement, so don’t do it so quick, as you will not get your reward.

Quest Level 3:

Talk to Adobis to receive his quest.

Adobis will tell you that he can craft an Eye of Fire using 30 Gold Teeth that you bring him from Miner Zombies (Lvl. 132). This is a requirement to summon Zakum at his altar.

Zakum Dungeon:

Zakum is a tough boss. It can use special moves and abilities that can kill you in nearly two hits. I recommend going with a party of AT LEAST 5 Lvl 150+ so they can lead you to victory. Zakum uses his abilities through his eight arms, each doing a special ability to kill you and your party. Here is the arms of Zakum and their abilities:

—-Arm1 [       ] Arm1*—-

—-Arm2 [       ] Arm3 —-

—-Arm4 [       ] Arm5 —-

—-Arm6 [       ] Arm6*—-


  • Arm1 & Arm1* – These two arms lowers everyone’s HP and MP to 1 each.
  • Arm2 – This arm summons fire meteors and poisonous clouds.
  • Arm3 – This arm summons ice and lightning with undetermined amount of accuracy (mostly miss).
  • Arm4 – This arm curses players with Weakness, Darkness, etc. and can disable (remove) your current buffs and skills.
  • Arm5 – This arm gives Zakum and monsters Power, Magic, and Magic Defense Up, along with Healing spells.
  • Arm6 & Arm6* – These two arms attack using earthquake-like attacks, erupting from the ground.

Kill the arms in this order: Arm5, Arm6*, Arm4, Arm6, Arm2, Arm1, Arm3, Arm1*. This order will prevent Zakum from healing, then disable from being cursed/de-buffed, then prevent Zakum from doing any attacks.

Once you destroy all arms, there is a high chance Zakum will lower all player’s HP & MP down to 1, as a defense pre-caution and he will begin summoning monsters and buffing himself.

NOTE: There are 4 parts of Zakum!

  1. Zakum with eight arms
  2. Zakum
  3. Zakum damaged
  4. Zakum heavily damaged

After heavily damaged is Zakum killed/destroyed.

Zakum Loot & Estimated Experience:

This is a list of EVERYTHING that Zakum drops. This list may be different now, due to the face that Nexon updates so often, so anything could change! Here is the list, each category labeled:


  • Zakum Main Drops:
  1. Zakum Helmet: +15 STR, +15 DEX, +15 INT, +15 LUK, +150 Weapon/Magic Defense, +20 Accuracy/Avoidability
  • Zakum ETC Drops:
  1. Zakum Certificate
  • Zakum Warrior Drops:
  1. Tomahawk
  2. Battle Hammer
  3. Gold Double Knife
  4. The Beheader
  5. Tavar
  6. Golden Smith Hammer
  7. Pinaka
  8. Zedbug
  9. Sparta
  • Zakum Magician Drops:
  1. Dimon Wand
  2. Blue Marine
  • Zakum Bowman Drops:
  1. White Nisrock
  2. Golden Nisrock
  3. White Neschere
  4. Golden Neschere
  • Zakum Thief Drops:
  1. Gold Double Knife
  2. Blood Dagger
  3. Red Craven
  • Zakum Pirate Drops:
  1. King Cent
  2. Concerto
  • Zakum Useable Drops:
  1.  Reindeer Milk
  2. Sunset Dew
  3. Power Elixir
  4. Elixir
  5. Scroll for Earring for HP 10%
  6. Scroll for Earring for LUK 60%
  7. Scroll for Helmet for DEX 10%
  8. Scroll for Helmet for INT 10%
  9. Scroll for Overall Armor for INT 100%
  10. Clean Slate Scroll 1%, Chaos Scroll 60%
  11. Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for ATT
  12. Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack
  13. Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for ATT
  14. Tablet for Armor for DEX
  15. Tablet for Armor for DEF
  16. Tablet for Armor for HP
  17. Tablet for Armor for INT
  18. Tablet for Armor for LUK
  19. Tablet for Armor for MP
  20. Tablet for Armor for STR
  21. Equip Enhancement Scroll
  22. Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
  23. Potential Scroll
  24. Advanced Potential Scroll
  • Zakum Skill/Mastery Books Drops:
  1. [Skill Book] Angel Ray
  2. [Skill Book] Combo Barrier
  3. [Skill Book] Combo Tempest
  4. [Skill Book] Final Blow
  5. [Skill Book] Final Cut
  6. [Skill Book] Flame Wheel
  7. [Skill Book] High Defense
  8. [Skill Book] Phantom Blow
  9. [Skill Book] Triple Throw
  10. [Skill Book] Soul Stone
  11. [Mastery Book] Mystery Mastery Book
  • Zakum Recipe Drops:
  1. Advanced Blessing Potion Recipe
  2. Advanced Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe
  3. Advanced Giant Potion Recipe
  4. Advanced Health Boost Potion Recipe
  5. Advanced Hero Potion Recipe
  6. Advanced Intelligence Luck Potion Recipe
  7. Advanced Mana Boost Potion Recipe
  8. Advanced Strength Boost Potion Recipe
  9. All Mighty Ring Recipe
  10. Android (F) Recipe
  11. Android (M) Recipe
  12. Angelic Blessing Recipe
  13. Blessing Potion Recipe
  14. Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe
  15. Deluxe Android (F) Recipe
  16. Deluxe Android (M) Recipe
  17. Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe
  18. Dexterity Ring V Recipe
  19. Health Boost Potion Recipe
  20. Hero Potion Recipe
  21. Hyper Ring I Recipe
  22. Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe
  23. Intelligence Ring V Recipe
  24. Luck Boost Potion Recipe
  25. Luck Ring V Recipe
  26. Lucky Blue Gilded Belt Recipe
  27. Mana Boost Potion Recipe
  28. Nimble Ring IV Recipe
  29. Red Bear Pendant Recipe
  30. Red Owl Pendant Recipe
  31. Red Peacock Pendant Recipe
  32. Red Wolf Pendant Recipe
  33. Sharp Arrow for Bow Recipe
  34. Sharp Arrow for Crossbow Recipe
  35. Sharp Blue Gilded Belt Recipe
  36. Shiny Gray Archer Symbol Recipe
  37. Shiny Gray Magician Symbol Recipe
  38. Shiny Gray Pirate Symbol Recipe
  39. Shiny Gray Thief Symbol Recipe
  40. Shiny Gray Warrior Symbol Recipe
  41. Shiny Red Special Symbol Recipe
  42. Strength Boost Potion Recipe
  43. Strength Ring V Recipe
  44. Tenacious Blue Gilded Belt Recipe
  45. Wise Blue Gilded Belt Recipe

Zakum gives about 3,603,400 EXP per kill, plus 275 Ambition Trait EXP.


Is some information incorrect? Is some instructions/rewards outdated? Please tell us!

Send a reply below and I’ll get right on it with the MapleTeam!

MapleTeam (C) 2013. All right reserved. Published under authority of MapleUser and WordPress.




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