MapleStory Level Limit Changed! LVL 250 Level Limit Coming to KMS and GMS!



It’s no shock. There’s bound to be a new level limit. And now? KMSt is now experiencing the awesomeness of the new limit. With this, comes a whole lot of crazy-ness!

On January 31, 2013, KMS will experience LVL 201+s, as GMS awaits this arrival. Only Adventurers, Legends, Heros, Novas, and the Resistance will be taking part in this update. The Cygnus Knights, beside Mihile, will be stuck at LVL 120 until the balance patch comes to whip them to LVL 250 glory. Know what I mean?

With this crazy level limit, comes the question people has asked for the last 3 years… Will there be a 5th job advancement? This question is likely to be a “no” due to the fact that there are Hyper Skills, which makes jobs very overpowered. However, if Nexon Korea thinks that Adventurers need a boosting, you will be seeing quite a powerful advancement.

This update would also send powerful bosses and monsters coming our way. Not only is LVL 200 near impossible to get now…. but 250?! God. I might as well die trying to get to that level. Just kidding!



With this new limit, comes the meso limit. It has also been increased, to 9,999,999,999 mesos (or 10 bil). This will apply to your inventory, storage, character trading, shops, Owl of Minerva, and Fredrick.

With this patch, there comes the Chaos versions of the Seal Guardian bosses in Root Abyss. However,t o be able to fight them, you must be over level 180 and have beaten the regular bosses at least 10 times. The bosses has increased health (HP), Chaos Pierre has 630 billion, Von Bon has 840 billion, Bloody Queen has 1050 billion, and Vellum has 1260 billion.

If you complete all the quests in Root Abyss, a new hunting ground for levels 180 and over will be available to you. You can access it by going to where Alicia used to be in the Colossal Root map.

Have fun Mapling!



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